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Giants of social media – Instagram and Twitter

One needs no rocket science to know that a discussion about social media is incomplete without a mention of twitter and Instagram. Do to their different unique features; both platforms have millions of users using the internet every minute. The number of users of Instagram and Twitter tend to increase by the minute as more and more people get exposed to the use of internet thanks to the emergence of smartphones and other mobile devices that have made the access to internet easier and far way cheaper than what it used to be.

Instagram and Twitter would not be where they are today without the fundamentals used. For Instagram, likes and followers play important roles and for Twitter, followers and retweets are some of the fundamentals that determine how high or low an account would rank among its peers.

For businesses, social media and in fact the internet has become the next big thing to hit the world of advertising. It is therefore not surprising that hundreds to thousands of businesses from the small one to the large corporations take advantage of the huge number of persons on the internet to reach out to their customers around the world and it is by effectively using these parameters mentioned above that they are able to reach out to their existing and potential customers.

How to use Instagram and Twitter

For businesses in particular, the need to reach millions of people worldwide is imperative and for persons that would love to have the celebrity feeling, the social media especially Instagram and Twitter are good sources of fame.

This explains why users of these platforms look for ways of getting free Instagram likes for those on the photo social media site and free Twitter followers for the tweeting fans.

The bid to find free Instagram likes is borne from the fact that businesses would love to reduce the volume of their budget that goes towards promoting their brand and the same goes to getting free Twitter followers. This however does not undermine the fact that getting free Instagram likes and free Twitter followers is an easy or automatic thing as there are some techniques and strategies that need to be put in place in order to ensure the flow of likes and followers without having to pay a dime.

It is therefore important for businesses that are success-oriented to get on-board the social media marketing train and watch their businesses excel.